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Traits That Attract Men to Women
…and Those That Turn Them Off

Luckily, I have many guy friends who aren’t afraid to talk about relationships and dating including their wants and turnoffs. This has helped me greatly in my own love life, knowing what to do and what to avoid doing. It’s not to say that I take all their dating advice to heart, but who better to ask for help on the opposite sex than…the opposite sex themselves? Using this knowledge that I’ve gained, I’ve compiled a list of things that guys like in women and what traits turn them off. Check them out and let me know what you think. I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised by a few.

Traits Men Love!

1. KINDNESS – being able to be sweet and loving…shows that he means a lot to you
2. INTELLIGENCE – the smarts to know how to do things and handle situations…even sexier when you know things he doesn’t
3. INDEPENDENCE – the ability to take care of oneself and not depend on others all the time…but knowing when to let him help you
4. SELFLESSNESS – knowing when to put him first…makes him feel important to you
5. SENSE OF HUMOR – being able to laugh at oneself and others…even better when you can laugh at his attempts of humor
6. OPTIMISM – the ability to be happy and positive more often than not…happiness is contagious and most men love a happy woman
7. EASY GOING – being able to remain calm no matter the situation…shows him you can handle anything life throws at you
8. TRUSTING – the ability to trust them, when they deserve it and have been faithful…gives him the freedom and breathing room he needs
9. CONFIDENT – knowing you have amazing traits and not being afraid to flaunt them…guys find confidence to be VERY SEXY
10. FUN – being able to enjoy yourself in any situation, even if it’s not something you’d rather be doing…he loves this best when it comes to things he enjoys (shows him you are unselfish as in #4)

Traits That Turn Men Off:

1. HIGH MAINTANENCE – taking a long time to get ready and needing excessive material things…men love natural women

2. JEALOUS – getting angry and upset about every little situation, person they talk to, or place that they go…makes them feel imprisoned

3. CO-DEPENDENT- having to rely on everyone for everything all the time…shows you can’t take care of yourself

4. MISERABLE – being angry and irritated by most situations and never being happy about anything…no one wants to be around someone who is unhappy all the time

5. CLINGY – unable to do things alone or with friends and having to be with your man every single second…annoys him and makes him wish he was single

6. OVERLY FLIRTY – constantly paying attention to other guys more than your own man…makes him feel like less of a man

7. NAGGY – always complaining about something your guy didn’t do or should’ve done…makes him feel like he can’t make you happy

8. LATE – never being able to show up on time for things…shows him he isn’t important to you in certain situations

9. INSECURE – unable to feel good about yourself and see your good qualities…usually goes along with being clingy and jealous

10. WHINY – complaining about things and being unable to have fun in most situations…makes him not even want to be around you login
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